Please see below the financial mathematics graduate programs that are participating in this year's career fair.

If you would like students from your program to participate in the National Financial Mathematics Career Fair – and your program did not participate last year – please contact the IAQF to apply for your program to be added to this year’s participating list.

Baruch College, City University of New York
MS, Financial Engineering

Boston University
MS, Mathematical Finance

Carnegie Mellon University
MS, Computational Finance

Claremont Graduate University
MS, Financial Engineering

Columbia University
Masters in Mathematics of Finance

MS, Management Science and Engineering

MS, Financial Engineering

MS, Engineering Management Systems

MS, Operations Research

MS, Industrial Engineering

Cornell University
Master of Engineering in ORIE with Financial Engineering concentration

Florida State University
MS, Financial Mathematics

Fordham University

MS, Quantitative Finance

Georgia Institute of Technology
MS, Quantitative and Computational Finance

Georgia State University
MS, Mathematical Risk Management

George Washington University
MS, Finance

HEC Montreal
MS, Financial Engineering

Hofstra University
Master of Science in Quantitative Finance

Illinois Institute of Technology, Stuart School of Business
MS, Mathematical Finance

Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering

Master of Financial Mathematics

Kent State University
MS, Financial Engineering

Lehigh University
M.S. in Analytical Finance

Louisiana State University
MS, Mathematics with Finance Concentration

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management

MS, Finance

McMaster University

MS, Financial Mathematics

New Jersey Institute of Technology
MS Program in Mathematical and Computational Finance

New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
MS, Mathematical Finance

North Carolina State University
MS, Financial Mathematics

Polytechnic University
MS, Financial Engineering

Princeton University
Masters in Finance

Purdue University
MS degree in Mathematics with Computational Finance Specialization
MS degree in Statistics with Computational Finance Specialization

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Lally School of Management

MS, Quantitative Finance and Risk Analytics

Rutgers University
Masters of Quantitative Finance
MS, Mathematics with Mathematical Finance Option

Masters, Financial Statistics and Risk Management Program

Stanford University
MS, Financial Mathematics

Stevens Institute of Technology

MS, Financial Engineering

University of California, Berkeley
MS, Financial Engineering

University of California, Los Angeles

Master of Financial Engineering

University of Chicago
MS, Financial Mathematics

University of Connecticut
MS, Applied Financial Mathematics

University of Dayton
Master of Financial Mathematics

University of Hawai'i, Shidler School of Business

MS, Financial Engineering

University of Illinois

MS, Financial Engineering

University of Michigan
Master of Science in Financial Engineering

University of Minnesota
Master of Financial Mathematics

University of North Carolina, Charlotte
MS in Mathematical Finance

University of Southern California
MS, Mathematical Finance

University of Toronto
MMF, Masters of Mathematical Finance

University of Waterloo
Masters of Quantitative Finance

Washington University at St. Louis

Master of Science in Finance

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Master of Science in Financial Mathematics

York University
MS, Financial Engineering

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